Solution Architecture

Certainly, one of the major IT challenges, accelerated by the digital transformation, is the definition of robust solutions architecture strategies.

New technologies and platforms, such as Cloud, DevOps, Microservices, APIs, Analytics, Big Data, AI and RPA, are emerging daily, promising to revolutionize the development of solutions. Is any of them a “silver bullet” to solve the most diverse business challenges? We don´t believe so.

How do we support the definition of software strategies?

In order to provide our customers with tangible offerings according to their business needs, our work is divided as follows:

  • Modern Software Architecture - We identify the customer's business needs using Agile techniques aimed at product design. In this way, we can recommend a robust, scalable and affordable architecture based on the most modern technologies, platforms and processes.

  • Assessment of Infrastructure, Apps & Data - We analyze the entire solution in detail, from infrastructure, database and code, to identify and solve performance, security, errors, implementation and maintenance problems.


In the same way that investments in Solution Architecture will bring more modernity to the customer's business, the definition of related strategies will also ensure other benefits, such as correct use of infrastructure and database resources.


Reduced development rework.


Recommendation of the best technologies, platforms and tools.


Innovation linked to business results.


Automation with DevOps practices.


Higher levels of security and data governance.


Cost savings and more.

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Why Iteris?

We have a Solution Architecture area with highly skilled and certified professionals. We work with the main technologies and have successful projects in the most diverse industries

We are committed to choose the best strategy according to our customer's business goals and guide them through the best practices based on our experts' analysis and our expertise acquired in previous projects - always innovating.

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