Software Quality Management

Software Quality Management is essential for companies to guarantee the delivery of the right product in the right way. We use Software Quality Management to optimize development initiatives, guaranteeing functional products that add value to the business.

In short, Software Quality Management defines strategies and processes that lead to excellence and user satisfaction. The focus is always on the end user.

How does Software Quality Management work?

Software Quality Management is divided into two stages: Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

The process starts with Test First, which reduces potential errors and prevent future failures. After that, there are the User Story life cycle-based requirement check and finally the testing and traceability strategy, which can guarantee that every customer and end user needs are met.


A recurring issue among companies that want to have their own or customized software are usability, layout or performance flaws. This happens precisely because of the lack of a Software Quality Management service that contributes to a more agile development and brings other benefits as well, such as:


Increased user confidence and satisfaction.


Higher delivery assertiveness.


Mitigation of business and reputation risks.


Reduced bugs and less extra work (redoing tasks).


Transparency and standardization.


Predictability and comprehensive visibility.

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Why Iteris?

At Iteris, we work with the solution development always striving to add value to the customer business. That is why we apply the VDD (Value Driven Development) concept to our deliveries.

In addition, we use Lean Manufacturing methodology to streamline processes and eliminate bottlenecks, optimizing the entire development cycle and thus ensuring superior final products. We operate in continuous evolution in order to value our customers and prioritize their needs.

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