Product, Process and Service Design

The Product, Process and Service Design is designed by Iteris based on Lean Inception. It allows us to provide customers with collaborative and holistic solutions that add value to their projects.

Based on the most modern facilitation and collaborative techniques, we leverage methods such as Design Thinking and Design Sprint to help customers dive into their project roots.

Thus, they have not only a broader view of business, but also understand in depth the users pains and needs. In addition, they develop a long-term strategic view of products, processes and services.

How does our offering work?

We use advanced study, analysis and mapping techniques to generate insights that add value to our customer business, while identifying new growth opportunities.

In addition, we generate inputs and together build highly efficient solutions in line with the business needs.

In this way, we develop products, services and innovations that really meet our customer and end user needs.


Based on the Product, Process and Service Design offering, we develop assertive solutions to meet the most varied business demands in an optimized way and reducing costs. Our offer can also bring several other benefits to our customer, such as:


Holistic vision and performance - from conception to delivery.


Constructive and collaborative work, which takes into account everyone's vision - from CEO to end user.


Plurality of ideas and opinions, ensuring value and higher end user acceptance.


Disruptive and very assertive insights, ideas and routes.


Thinking focused on product, process and service as a whole, respecting and giving importance to all stages.


In design, strategy is not just a stage, but a element permeating all work.

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Why Iteris?

Iteris has consolidated its work by offering more than services. We go further by working on more advanced stages, such as definition and deliverables to materialize ideas.

We have expertise in Product, Process and Service Design in Brazil and abroad. We met the customer demands by providing services on-site or remotely with the same efficiency and engagement. Our goal is ensuring higher consistency from definition, creation and development phases to delivery.

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