Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation is the process of changing organizational culture, structure and processes aiming to bring innovation, dynamism, flexibility and, certainly, agility to the company. In addition, this transformation is expected to be carried out across the company, uniting the business and IT areas with a common goal: the development of innovative and high-added value products.

In order to guarantee superior organizational results, Iteris works on Agile Transformation based on the customer's pillars, such as: Culture, Process, Products and Technology. In this way, we will be able to promote a transformation with excellent results.

How does our Agile Transformation program work?

Firstly, we carry out an organizational analysis of processes, methods and culture. The purpose is outlining a picture of the organization maturity.

Based on this analysis results, we define a model for accelerating results adhering to the organizational culture to promote effective changes in a structured and well-suited manner, always in accordance with the customer profile.

By using the ADKAR model, we raise all stakeholders' awareness about change among, as well as desire to change. In addition, we work so that the change is conducted without fear or anxiety, supported by the best practices and developing the ability to make things happen. We also work with Fligh levels, which relate and communicate in a systemic way.


Based on Agile Transformation strategies, we can add several benefits to our customer's business, such as:


Better organizational productivity.


Effective indicators that allow the company to make better decisions.


Visibility into the organizational value chain, making it possible to work on problems more effectively.


Training and mentoring that improves the teams' skills.


Use of modern project and product management methods in line with organizational culture.


Continuous improvement program for processes, technologies, high performance teams and soft skills.

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Why Iteris?

We work to develop our expertise and create the required conditions to have systemic and innovative performance. Our focus is helping companies to interrelate their work towards a single organizational objective.

Our team has extensive Agile expertise and certifications and are in continuous evolution, which allows us to develop of strategies according to each customer' demands.

The Iteris experience in working with large companies and helping them to accelerate their results is a great advantage that allow us to support our customer' business.

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