Agility, automation and flexibility! This is what the Iteris PO-RH solution brings to our customer's business. This is a solution that help companies plan compensation and headcount in a simple and fast way.

With this innovation, companies answer a series of essential questions for the operation continuity, such as the appropriate headcount to meet the business goals.


With Iteris PO-RH, our customer can simulate different scenarios and analyze the financial impacts and finally manage the headcount aspects in an optimized way - from the employee on-boarding to off-boarding to retirements and promotions.

Thus, the solution optimizes strategic planning and bring more security to the decision making.

Other key benefits include:


Agility and decentralization of headcount planning.


Planning and simulation down to the employee and accounting level.


Creation and comparison of different scenarios.


Higher data quality.


Adaptable solution.


Rolling forecast.


Decentralization of operations.

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Why Iteris?

Since 2009, Iteris has stood out as a true partner for our customers' digital transformation journey. Undoubtedly, the Iteris commitment and dedication extends to its off-the-shelf products.

We have developed PO-RH based on the best practices. Currently, the platform is available in Brazil, through Iteris, and North America, through Briteris - a Iteris subsidiary.

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