CAP Workflow

In order to make the day-to-day business activities easier by optimizing and speeding up the workflow development, CAP Workflow can help our customers to increase their productivity.

The solution develop low-code or no-code applications quickly and easily, reducing the task development process.

In addition, the tool can will facilitate the management of workflows and approvals, the form creation and integration via app, mainly for low and medium complexity areas.


With the CAP Workflow platform, our customers will create workflows up to 5x faster than the traditional Java, .NET, Angular, PHP development, etc.

By using this solution, teams will monitor and approve tasks from anywhere and enjoy other benefits, such as:


Unlimited number of users.


Real-time monitoring.


Organization for different areas.


Integration with other systems.

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Why Iteris?

Since its foundation, Iteris has worked as a true partner for our customer's digital transformation journey.

Based on the best market practices, our off-the-shelf products have the same positive reputation as our branded software.

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