CAP Procurement

Surprisingly, the complex procurement process in most ERPs frustrates end users and results in a high level of additional work.

In order to guarantee an agile and error-free procurement process, we have developed CAP Procurement, a flexible and adaptable solution for businesses of different sizes that streamlines the different steps of the process, from self-service requests and approval of suppliers to PO issuing.


In addition the optimized daily operations based on the reduction of manual processes, the tool also brings other benefits, such as:


Standardized and user-driven experience.


Visibility to track and report status.


Flexibility to deal with nuances and exceptions.


Control, consistency and compliance.


Improved user experience.


"Spend under management".

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Why Iteris?

Since 2009, Iteris has stood out as a true partner for our customers' digital transformation journey. Undoubtedly, the Iteris commitment and dedication extends to its off-the-shelf products.

We have developed CAP Procurement based on the best practices. Currently, the platform is available in Brazil, through Iteris, and North America, through Briteris - a Iteris subsidiary.

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