CAP2AM - Identity & Access Management

Quick I&AM Adoption

Optimize user identity management, provisioning and access request.

CAP2AM connect to your HCM system and/or third party system to provide the best on-boarding and off-boarding management experience. This means Governance and Identity Management with control and agility. Our Identity and Access Management solution reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by providing users with a self-service catalog, simplifying audit tasks and meeting new access request demands.

5 challenges addressed by CAP2AM

As a result of our alignment with the key governance trends, CAP2AM can support your business on five fronts:

  1. Identity Provisioning (AD & Office 365).
  2. Access requests (self-service).
  3. Automated access granting and revocation.
  4. Password management (reset and change).
  5. Segregation Matrix (SoD).


As technology continues to gather more users, applications and data, the need for access security increases. Our solution has the following:


Proactive monitoring.


Use of governance policies.


Mitigation of risks and reduction of violations.


Reduced operating costs.


Agility to change and adapt granting and revoking processes.

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Why Iteris?

Whether a cloud or on-premise solution, CAP2AM will count on the Iteris skilled team ready to provide high quality services.

In addition, CAP2AM is based on the best practices and is currently available both in Brazil, through Iteris, and North America, through Briteris - an Iteris subsidiary.

Do you want to know how to manage access rights in an agile and secure way?
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