Test Automation

Ensuring the quality of the solutions is an extremely important step before its launch for end users. In order to make sure that a complex application with several features works on different platforms with appropriate performance and no failures, we use test automation.

With this process, we can guarantee that our products will meet the user expectations and needs. In addition, we save time by speeding up the identification of problems.

How does that work?

In order to ensure that our solutions work properly, we use advanced and reliable testing tools for Android, iOS or hybrid environments. In addition, we have a team of experts in test automation that analyzes the applications, development environment and testing performance to propose the tool that is most adherent to our customer's scenario.

In fact, test automation is not only for applications, but also for Web applications and APIs. In this way, we ensure that new products are released free of failures that can prevent their use or cause errors during the user interaction.


Test automation is an excellent way to streamline the development process and make the correction activities faster, ensuring high quality for the end user. In addition, it bring other benefits, such as:


Increased user confidence and satisfaction.


More security to release new product versions.


Easy evolution of systems and higher delivery assertiveness.


itigation of business and reputation risks.


Reduced bugs and less extra work (redoing tasks).


Coding transparency and standardization.

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Why Iteris?

We are a responsible company that is committed to our customer's IT challenges. We are a benchmark in our industry and constantly evolving to deliver value to our customers.

In addition, we apply the Lean Manufacturing methodology to make our processes leaner and easier to eliminate bottlenecks - all of this always focusing on the best results and continuous improvements.

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