APIs & Microservices

APIs & Microservices are an increasingly strong trend in Brazilian companies. According to the first Survey on API status in Brazil carried out by Sensedia in 2017, around 75% of respondents stated that they considering these technologies as a way of integrating and streamlining internal processes.

Undoubtedly, these technological innovations stand out for bringing several benefits ranging from flexible integration to business expansion.

What are APIs & Microservices?

There is a large and dynamic chain of communication, an ecosystem behind each product or service, so it can access and integrate the required data among systems. In order to develop this chain, we use APIs & Microservices. API (acronym for Application Programming Interface) allows two solutions (or services) to communicate without user intervention. Microservice is an API implementation with sets of activities that make it more specific with isolated operation, thus allowing different systems to connect.


By using APIs and Microservices, we can open the door to several kinds of integration thus optimize processes and increase productivity and operation results for the customer business. In addition, investing in this pattern brings other benefits, such as:


Easy development and maintenance of applications.


Service architecture created based on the business needs.


Increased productivity and delivery speed.


Flexible use of technologies and higher scalability.


Autonomous services that can be developed by different teams and using different technologies.

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Why Iteris?

We specialize in building new solutions and modernizing legacy systems using APIs & Microservices. Our team works on implementing independent and manageable modules to ensure that our customers count on security, trust, visibility, transparency, scalability and adaptability they need to meet their expansion requirements and business demands. By using APIs & Microservices, Iteris can help customers to accelerate and simplify processes and improve time-to-market.

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