CAP Platform

Have you ever imagined an off-the-shelf platform that looks like a custom-made one.

CAP Platform is like that. A modern, enterprise-class low-code/no-code application platform with a combination of configurable, ready-to-use workflows.

Fast, easy, flexible

Developed with focus on users, CAP Platform is easy to configure and use that make, its adoption easy by companies. The platform's value is quickly perceived - from "abandoning e-mail systems” in weeks to adopting processes, policies and performance indicators progressively.


Customers can choose one of the three product editions:


CAP Access Management Developed with focus on IT, HR and leaders, CAP2AM is an Identity & Access Management suite to manage the entire employee on-boarding and off-boarding processes. In addition, companies can provide users with a self-service catalog and reduce manual tasks for granting and revoking access.


CAP Procurement An adaptive process management suite designed for the Procurement area. Workflow and collaboration activities are carried out in a simple way, enabling agility and better management and cost control.


CAP Workflow With the objective of optimizing time, CAP Workflow enables business process customization to meet any demand: workflow and approvals, forms and integration with applications.

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Why Iteris?

Since 2009, Iteris has stood out as a true partner for our customers' digital transformation journey. Undoubtedly, the Iteris commitment and dedication extends to its off-the-shelf products.

We have developed CAP Platform based on the best practices. Currently, the platform is available in Brazil, through Iteris, and North America, through Briteris - a Iteris subsidiary.

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