Data Visualization

Data Visualization is more than just presenting indicators such as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). By applying a series of techniques, we can create dashboards with optimized, clear and objective data presentations, transforming them into intelligence and facilitating our customer daily life.

At first, it may seem simple, but everything is done based on studies and aspects that interfere in the data presentation clarity.

In addition, this process create various elements to improve the understanding, such as categories, filters, axes, scales and complements, which make daily analysis easier using different types of software and tools.


Data Visualization help to overcome challenges related to the data volume and consolidation of different sources.

By using platforms such as Power BI, Qlik, Tableau or even Excel, we can create reports that consolidate immense data volumes, updating them automatically via scheduling or on demand.

In addition, these solutions use interactive filters and drill-downs to optimize the user experience, which can even be self-service. At this level, the user creates reports by interacting with the tool in a simple and agile way.


Data Visualization is not just a way of having more agility and assertiveness when presenting and analyzing data. This type of solution can also bring other benefits, such as:


Cost reduction due to automated processes.


Faster decision making based on ready-to-use data.


Easy conversion of data into intelligence.


Assistance to identifying opportunities and problems.


Centralized indicators and calculation methods, making the creation of a "single truth" easier.

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Why Iteris?

Based on techniques such as the Data ink-ratio, teams that specialize in reporting and dashboards, and UI & UX, we can provide the best data visualization resources, using simple solutions and focused on results and value generation.

We provide not only reporting tools, but also our expertise in several industries, which help design KPIs and structure our customer's data environment and visualization platform.

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