Business Intelligence

The volume of data generated by companies and consumers has grown significantly in recent years. As a result, companies have faced the challenge of using data to guide them towards the best opportunities.

Business Intelligence (BI) allows them to overcome this challenge and revolutionize the way they make business decisions by analyzing large volumes of data and turn them into relevant insights for the business. As a concept, BI analyzes mainly retrospective data.

According to IDC, about 40% of investments will use BI and Business Analytics solution by 2020. Along with other Big Data solutions, this strategy provides the required foundation for our customer's business growth.

Why implementing Business Intelligence projects?

BI projects allow the companies to collect and transform data into insights and knowledge, enabling tactical and strategic decision making at the right time and leading the companies towards a data-driven culture.

Does your company want to identify the most profitable customer profiles or the production steps to be improved? By extracting, classifying, presenting and crossing data hosted on Data Marts or Data Warehouses, companies can visualize data on dashboards and make the view of indicators easier. With centralized data and metrics, searching for information and performing data slice-and-dice (chronological and retrospective comparisons and real-time forecasts) will be improved.


In addition to a broader visualization of business data, BI brings several other benefits, including:


Agile and effective decision making since data are ready for analysis.


Cost reduction due to automated processes.


Increased productivity for the entire team.


Increased quality of services and products.


Easier auditing and compliance processes.

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Why Iteris?

With a technically qualified and certified experts, we work together with our customer's team to understand the existing opportunities and demonstrate how to transform data into KPIs, the best way to analyze data and the best tools to make processes more automated.

Thus, data will become intelligence and be available to right person at the right time through secure data collection, analysis and presentation processes in order to comply with laws such as GDPR.

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