Advanced Analytics

Can we predict our customer's future behavior? Can we identify hidden patterns in the data volumes? How to classify behaviors or contexts based on what has been happening?

Advanced Analytics solutions can answer these and other questions. By using statistical modeling techniques and Data Science supported by modern Big Data and Cloud computing solutions, we can observe our customer data to predict their future behaviors, creating new scenarios for automation, decision making and mainly competitive advantage for business.

Data-driven value generation

Advanced Analytics is the next step that companies can take to reconsider their Data-driven value generation process. This is the data analysis taken to higher levels.

Traditional analytics (or classic Business Intelligence) can analyze mainly the past in order to understand the present (and interpret some future trends). Now, we can look to the future with much more effectiveness and depth by using statistical models.

In order to achieve these results, we use statistical modeling techniques based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) - the machine's ability to make autonomous decisions based on the statistical model results - and Machine Learning (ML) - the machine's feedback ability so that it can learn continuously based on patterns found in the data volumes.


Investing in Advanced Analytics solutions, such as AI and ML, allows the companies to gain business insights and identifying expansion opportunities based on potential customer behaviors. In addition, this kind solution also brings other benefits, such as:


Unique competitive advantage and differentiation for business.


Accelerated development of new products.


Fraud detection and reduced churn.


Behavior analysis and customer clustering.


Cost reduction due to automation of processes previously conducted by people.

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Why Iteris?

Counting on skilled data scientists working on statistical models and data analysis for various industries, Iteris can assist our customers in their journey towards real Advanced Analytics solutions, by identifying the best features and using the best techniques for data improvement. In addition, it helps to develop the entire solution based on the best platforms and tools, thus delivering solutions that bring long-lasting and scalable results.

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