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In the search for real and lasting ties, we value transparency, commitment and responsibility for our customer, partner, supplier, employee, candidate and visitor personal data and information. Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use detail the way we use and treat our stakeholder data.

Our goal is clarifying questions regarding the use and protection of our stakeholders' data. If you still have any questions after reading our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, please contact us via dpo@iteris.com.br. We will be glad to talk to you!


1.1. This website is a platform to disclose and inform about ITERIS products and services, with informative and expository content about our products, services and customers. This website is not a platform for selling products or providing services, so its use does not establish a commercial relationship between you and ITERIS.

1.2. If you intend to buy our products or contract our services, we recommend that you contact us using the form provided in the Contact section or by phone.

1.3. The access and use of this website does not require registration, except when a specific functionality requires it, for example, when submitting CVs, as highlighted in this document.

1.4. This website does not include and not transmit inappropriate content for minors. Therefore, it is exempt from the content classification by age group.


2.1. The Terms of Use relate exclusively to this website. Each product or service disclosed on this website are ruled by their own terms and conditions, which are expected to be reviewed in their specific contracts and documents.


3.1. You can contact the ITERIS team via the FORM at https://www.iteris.com.br/en-us/contact-us. Every field must be filled out on order to submit the form to internal review.

3.2. Messages submitted via the FORM constitute just a way of contact and do not represent intentions of buying products or contracting services.

3.3. Contact information and personal data provided by the FORM can be used for communicating and sending ITERIS content under the terms of our Privacy Policy, which can be accessed at https://www.iteris.com.br/en-us/privacy-statement.


4.1. You can download our informative content, such as white papers and e-books. For that, you need to fill out specific registration form directly on the respective content page.

4.2. In addition, you can sign up for newsletters. For that, you need to fill out the form at https://blog.iteris.com.br/.

4.3.  Every field must be filled out on order to submit the form to internal review.

4.4. Contact information and personal data provided by the FORM can be used for communicating and sending ITERIS content under the terms of our Privacy Policy, which can be accessed at https://www.iteris.com.br/en-us/privacy-statement.


5.1. To know our professional opportunities, just see "Careers" section at our website. There you can access ITERIS careers page, which is operated by our recruitment and selection partner, KENOBY.

5.2. Although navigation the “Careers” page is limited, submitting CVS and applying for recruitment requires registration on our partner's platform, which has its own privacy policy and terms of use available at https://app.kenoby.com/#/policy, which are an integral part of these terms.

5.3. When registering, you acknowledge that your access password is for personal and non-transferable use and you will not transfer to third parties under any circumstances. You are recommended to take all appropriate measures to guarantee confidentiality and log off to finish your service session.

5.4. In order to be strong, the password is expected to have a combination of letters, numbers and special characters and is your sole responsibility. In addition, you undertake to deal fully with any legal consequences arising directly from the unintentional loss of your password or due to recklessness, negligence and malpractice.

5.5. Navigating, submitting CVs, using tools to search for open positions and applying for recruitment on the website is free. Candidates can keep their CVS active for as long as they intent.

5.6. ITERIS is committed to receive every CVs submitted through the careers page. However, the company is not responsible for the hiring process, which depends on the selection process for each specific vacancy.

5.7. Personal data and curriculum submitted through the platform are protected under the terms of the applicable General Data Protection Law (LGPD - No 13.709/2018) - and the Privacy Policy.


6.1. Information and content made available on this website are authored by ITERIS or obtained from public sources that are considered reliable. We periodically improve, correct and update information disclosed on this website, but there is no way to guarantee that the content are the most updated when it is accessed.

6.2. Information and content coming from external links on this website are for information purposes. ITERIS does not responsibility for them. Such external links are indicated just for your convenience, which does not imply that ITERIS endorses their external content or has any association of its operators.

6.3. The entire content made available on this website is the sole and exclusive ownership of ITERIS, licensed or assigned for the company. For this reason, no one has any license or assignment of intellectual property rights to reproduce any part of this website or its content, under penalty of sanctions provided for in the applicable legislation.

6.4. The name "Iteris Consultoria e Software LTDA", the www.iteris.com.br domain (and subdomains) and the screen content on this website are owned by ITERIS and protected by international intellectual property laws and treaties. The misuse and the total or partial reproduction of this content are prohibited, except when expressly authorized by the company.


7.1. Considering the informative and expository nature of this website, ITERIS is not responsible for any damages resulting from the improper use of its content, external links and other documents made available on this website or actions taken by other based on such content.

7.2. Considering that we are not able to have control over third party websites and content, it is understandable that these Terms of Use are not applicable to third parties - including social media -, even when you use such media to connect to this website. You are recommended to always pay attention to the terms and policies applicable to the third party websites you visit.

7.3. Under the limits of the applicable legislation, ITERIS is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of this website, equipment failure, connection, data transmission, errors, interruptions, operation delays, computer viruses, failures of the telecommunications system or connection provider, as well as any incompatibility among this website and Web browsers used by you.


8.1. By continuing to navigate this website, you agree to use it in good faith and respect the purely informative purpose of its content.

8.2. The use of this website in any way that may impair its operation is prohibited, including, but not limited to attempts to introduce malicious code, denial of service attacks or exploitation of any defect or error of this website.

8.3. Any interference, attempt or activity that violates the laws in force in Brazil, including Law No. 13,709 / 2018 (General Data Protection Law), may submit the person liable to the pertinent legal actions and the payment of respective indemnity.

8.4. When making this website available, we are committed to using tools compatible with the current high standards of security assurance in order to prevent the transmission of malicious codes and/or corrupted files.

8.5. ITERIS assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss due to failures in Internet, systems or servers used by visitors or those resulting from the third-party conducts, occasionally or by force majeure. In addition, ITERIS assumes no responsibility for virus attacks as a result of accessing or using this website, navigating Internet or transferring data, images, text or audio files.


9.1. In addition to the data that ITERIS may collect under the terms cited by the items 4 and 5 above, this website collects personal data and navigation information through cookies, which ITERIS may share with national and international suppliers for the purpose of storage and maintenance of this website, e-mail flows and others tasks.

9.2. The collection and processing of personal data, their respective purposes and your rights as a data holder are ruled by a specific policy available on https://www.iteris.com.br/en-us/privacy-statement.


10.1. These Terms of Use have the nature of adhesion contracts and undergo periodic reviews, without prior notification. For this reason, we recommend to consult this document to check whether you continue to agree with these terms before proceeding with navigation.

10.2 These Terms of Use are in compliance with and are expected to be interpreted based on the laws in force in Brazil. In order to clarify any questions, the parties elect the Court of the District of São Paulo/SP, with exclusion of any other court.

Last updated: December 11, 2020.