Retail industry is going through a unique moment: consumers are demanding better experiences and convenience than ever before, while competition is increasingly fierce. Gartner reports that the best path in this scenario is Digital Transformation.

The retailer ability to evolve and innovate based on their digital platforms is the key factor to differentiate businesses and generate competitive advantage. This strategy is valid both for leading players under business evolution and small e-commerce players under development.

Considering all forms of digital transformation for Retail industry, we can highlight the main ones: investments in e-commerce, brick–and–mortar store adaptability and the ability to use customer data to customize services and offerings.

Our experience in this industry allows us to affirm that increasing market share is directly linked to investments in IT. We can mention some of the best ways to do this: on-line store modernization and customization (Web or mobile applications, improving the customer experience), development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models to predict customer behavior and provide personalized service, evolution to the omnichannel model (creating a unique customer experience and reducing logistical costs) and automated processes, such as payment by QR Code, self-service and chatbots.

How Iteris can retail solutions help improve business results?

Iteris works with large Brazilian retailers and specializes in customized solutions that improve consumer experience and add competitive advantages to our customer business. In addition to optimized operations, our solutions provide insights that help improve decision making processes and create new strategies.

The best benefit is that our innovations are scalable and can keep pace with the our customer business growth.

Our solutions include:

  • Development of mobile and e-commerce applications.
  • QR Code - Payment by cell phone and product search.
  • Integration and omnichannel solution.
  • RFID for logistical control.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) to optimization of production processes.
  • Chatbots.
  • Modernization of websites:
    • Augmented Reality.
    • Algorithms for customized service.
    • Loyalty programs.
  • AI and ML techniques to accelerate business results:
    • Market segmentation and competitive analysis.
    • Definition of the target audience profiles.
    • Identification of customer behavior and consumption patterns.
    • Inventory optimization and demand control.

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