Eletronic payments have been one of the key drivers of the digital economy in recent years.

This industry has received numerous new entrants - such as fintechs - driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has created challenges for established players. Therefore, there is a need to transform business models into a new reality, in terms of efficiency, scale to meet the increasing number of users or modularity (for example, payment-as-a-service) and other demands.

As a result, the industry - that was previously based on human relationships and interactions - is now part of virtually all digital channels. Often, the player's key distinguishing element is their digital solution features.

That is why the industry needs leading IT partners, either for the infrastructure modernization in order to meet demands or for the evolution of consumer digital experience.

Technological advances for payments

Digital transformation is a continuous movement, and companies that do not follow this trend may end up being left behind. It is essential to look for a partner like Iteris, with extensive experience in this industry who can assist in various modernization challenges, adding Agile processes and bringing tools to improve our customer business.

  • More than 11 years operating in the payments industry.
  • Successful projects in several of the main players.
  • Business know-how that add insights to several solutions.
  • Development of MVPs for service innovation.
  • Experience in implementation of card payment: issuance, accreditation, merchant and card holder (in addition to card brand integration and control).
  • Implementation of projects.
  • Security architecture.
  • Integration with Brazilian Central Bank.
  • Customer and partner portal.
  • Chatbot.
  • Mobile applications for customer interactions.

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