The search for continuous innovation has also become a major challenge for the health industry. Fierce competitiveness, high expectation of efficiency and user experience in the new generation of consumers and health professionals and obstacles imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic are some examples of challenges.

According to Gartner, 63% of healthcare providers cited difficulties in 2019 due to organizational changes, cost pressure, new consumption patterns and regulation and compliance requirements. We realize that companies that have stood out in this industry and reached the best results are the ones that innovate the most using digital initiatives.

In other words, digital transformation has been is a key factor increasingly essential to have competitive distinguishing elements and increase market share, based on integrated and personalized management systems, logistical process optimization, continuous service improvement or increased productivity.

Serving customer in hospital, health insurance, pharmaceutical industry and laboratories areas, we have seen several innovation demands in recent years, such as: increased research for prevention (mainly, in vaccine field), telemedicine, new research methods for product and treatment production or evolution.

Digital solutions to evolve

Healthcare industry is in continuous digital transformation, so it is essential to have an innovative vision that enables operation optimization.

At Iteris, we provide several digital solutions for each area:


  • Management and monitoring of hospital systems.
  • Management of medication inventories.
  • Electronic medical record and medication instructions.
  • Patient loyalty.
  • Chatbot support.
  • Hospital bed management.
  • Telemedicine.

Pharmaceutical industry

  • Big Data for audit data processing.
  • Customized sales force reward system.
  • Artificial intelligence applied to:
    • Innovation in research.
    • Optimization and integration of market intelligence, commercial and marketing areas.

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