The Education industry has never seen such a need to improve its digital solutions or advance its digital transformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Modernization is mandatory to guarantee high quality education in this new reality.

According to a Gartner research, educational institutions increasingly recognize that the power of digital transformation is forcing them to adjust their business models to face the competitive pressure and meet their customers' needs. CIOs at these institutions increasingly identify digital skills and new technologies as requirements to enable sustainable digital transformation.

The industry modernization, or Education 4.0, includes a new model of learning that is expected to become a standard and transform the school-student interaction.

Iteris can help this modernization process

With the digital transformation expertise and relevant success cases in some of the most important education institutions, Iteris can help the end-to-end digital transformation, ranging from classroom modernization, customer and partner experience with digital environments to content integration and updating process and student behavior analysis. In addition, our solutions enable the educational system evolution and bring more agility to education activities, such as:

  • Assessment and product design processes to improve the user journey.
  • Complete student and contract management systems.
  • Learning management systems.
  • Personalized journey and lesson scripts.
  • On-line and mock tests.
  • Distance education - on-line classes and courses.
  • Facial recognition to identify students.
  • Machine Learning to identify patterns to increase student uptake and retention.
  • Chatbot.

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