Managed Services

Managed Services are an excellent alternative for companies seeking to maximize the return on IT investments and improve the operation performance.

Internal support costs consume a large part of the annual budget, limiting investments and focus on more strategic business initiatives. In addition, the business areas demand higher agility and excellence in deliveries.

That is why the IT departments need spends more time on strategy activities and less time in operation and maintenance tasks.

Cloud, Apps and Data

In order to assist companies who want to improve the IT department's ROI, we provide support to:

  • Our customer's environment with best practices and cost reduction
  • Our customer's applications based on different technologies and platforms
  • Our customer's data, ensuring availability and reporting

We promote the support and continuous evolution for our customers' applications and databases in an agile, flexible and transparent way, guaranteeing superior disaster recovery.

In addition, we proactively monitor availability, performance and security and drive continuous improvement for applications and deployments using DevOps tools and practices.


Our Managed Services solution ensure more agility and excellence for our customers' business and brings other benefits, such as:


Expert opinion and processes that guarantee the knowledge retention.


More agility and high quality due to dedicated teams that are available 24x7 to keep the system availability. Customers can scale operations according to their needs.


Highly skilled and multidisciplinary teams with experience in complex solutions and aggressive SLAs.


Access to advanced technologies and best practices for mitigation of unavailability risks, aiming to further increase efficiency.


Higher added value through fast deliveries and problem solving, increasing the end user satisfaction.

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Why Iteris?

Iteris provides our customers the support they need to have more IT operation agility.

In addition, our service is directly related to DevOps practices under every contract, regardless of the workload.

The Iteris Managed Services start immediately after the signature of standard contracts that can be terminate with no penalties in case of SLA non-compliance. The contracts also provide for the roll-over of unused hours.

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