Iteris Squads

Squads is a model of work and delivery created by companies such as Spotify, Netflix and Google. Our Iteris Squads are divided by areas of activity, but work in a fully integrated way. They focus is on accelerated deliveries to meet of our customers' demands.

Iteris Squads is based on Agile methodologies, aiming to facilitate management and inspection and ensure transparency. In addition, it enables agile deliveries of complex solutions and generate high added value in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world.

Models of work

In order to adapt to our customer business' needs, we provide our Iteris Squads in three different models:

  1. Life Cycle & Agile Projects - Through structured backlog or hours package, this format works with pre-determined time and costs. It is suitable for short-term projects.

  2. Supervised Allocation - With an open scope, the customer established definitions and prioritization, team compositions and specific problems to be solved. Here we also have technical support by a Key position.

  3. Supervised Squad - Indicated for medium and large demands, this model usually has indefinite term. In addition to the Key position, it has a Scrum Master and a QA team.


Iteris Squads can help keep the development process more organized and, consequently, more agile. In addition, they bring other benefits, such as:


Energetic and connected teams, whose members know each other very well and have worked in several projects together.


Fully aligned teams who are familiar to the Agile environment, ensuring fast and high added value deliveries.


Ability to work in heterogeneous environments and with different programming languages.


High flexibility and adaptability during execution, as well as scalability to meet demands.


Pipeline remains configured in the Iteris environment.


Technical knowledge base for all projects and adaptation to new demands.

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Why Iteris?

With more than 11 years of experience in developing Web, Mobile, Data Analytics and Office 365 solutions, more than 75% of certified teams and more than 500 success stories, Iteris has the know-how required to provide efficient Squads with fast allocation at a competitive cost.

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