Agile Projects

At Iteris, we believe that Agile methodologies are the best way to increase our delivery quality and improve the value perception for our customers.

Our teams use Agile practices and methodologies, such as Scrum, Kanban and others, in order to ensure that we develop effective solutions to our customers' challenges, providing higher efficiency and excellence.

In this way, we build robust and flexible solutions with scalability and performance, for the cloud, hybrid and on-premise environments, guaranteeing value delivery through Agile methodologies and the edge-cutting technologies.

Accelerated value delivery

Our teams have the experience of working every day in a Agile culture and with skilled Management and Agility support in order to assist projects and incorporate the most innovative processes.

The Iteris Agile projects provide our customers with:

  • Three Agile pillars: Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation
  • Continuous and prioritized deliveries that are focused on what matters most to our customers' business
  • Multidisciplinary and self-managing teams


Agile projects fit in different scenarios, ranging from those in their first steps to others with a planned and fixed budget.

This model can bring other benefits, such as:


Adaptable to projects of all sizes.


Scope defined based on the design and planning stages together with the Iteris team.


Ability to adapt to changes during execution.


Predictable budget based on the delivered/planned scope.


Methodology-based transparency and guarantee for the services.

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Why Iteris?

At Iteris, solutions are tailored-made to meet our customers' demands. We use Agile methods throughout the whole development cycle, from design to support.

Regardless of the project stage, we guarantee frequent and prioritized deliveries. In addition, our customers can follow all stages, as we value collaboration and transparency.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary and self-managed team, we provide deliveries that really meet our customers' needs and overcome their challenges.

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