"We are a company made of people. People who make things happen!"

Since our foundation, based on a collaborative culture, we have envisioned a company of people who complement each other. We are currently more than 500 people united by strong bonds.
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Our areas


Aiming to ensure that the right person is in the right place at the right time, our People area works in the full experience that our employees will have within our company - from recruitment, hiring and on-boarding to monitoring, development and growth. As a People professional, you will have opportunities to work in Recruitment and Selection, HR, Business Partner and People Manager, strengthening our People centric culture.


Securing the financial health of our business in the short, medium and long terms through the resource and asset management is the role of our Finance area, which handles our financial inflows and outflows, risk control and accounting processes.

IT Infrastructure

It is responsible for the IT service management and governance based on the people, process and technology. The area ensures the IT services security, reliability, stability and availability and supports the Iteris growth.

Marketing & Communication

Always striving for transparency in internal and external relationships, the Marketing & Communication area has a multidisciplinary team that aims to secure our business image and reputation. Working in this area, you will develop sales and service strategies, interface with stakeholders while producing content and visual productions, managing social media and much more.

New Business & Sales

Perhaps one of the main areas responsible for our business growth, New Business & Sales works to identify opportunities, establish and manage relationships, support the understanding of customer needs with pre-sales area, analyze and monitor market trends, develop customized proposals and performing many other tasks.

Solutions Engineering

Improving the technical quality of deliveries - from security to design - and support the Iteris team's training and technical development is the purpose of this area, which is a technical reference and has a fundamental role in the pre-sales process. Working as a Solutions Engineer, you will be the expert who will help our customer to find the best solutions for their challenges.


If you are a Dev or Data Lover, your place is here! Working as a Iteris Developer or Data Analyst, you will have opportunities to collaborate in projects for large customers in different industries, applying your technologic knowledge that will impact positively other businesses and lives.

Agile Delivery

Providing higher value-added deliveries, managing groups in order to maintain a work environment that favors iteration among customers, teams and other areas are the main responsibilities of our Agile Delivery area. Working in this area is ensuring project effectiveness and the team's workflow efficiency.


Ensuring the Iteris product's effectiveness and efficiency by providing our customers with high quality deliveries and superior excellent user experience. Working as a Quality Assurance Analyst, you will be responsible for enhancing the product value and making sure that it achieves the development purpose and the highest level of customer satisfaction through the entire development cycle.


Creating experiences and application interfaces that can be decisive for a product, process or service. This is the UX | UI area, which is mainly a driver that works in a strategic and holistic way to develops easy-to-use solutions, experiences and interfaces meeting the user needs and business and customer strategic aspects.


Our mission includes planning, creating, developing and continuously improving our products, always seeking a competitive advantage based on delivery of value and customized support. In order to remain relevant, professionals working in this area are expected to be attentive to opportunities and innovations in our industry in the search for competitive advantage, enriching functionalities and x-rated more interest among customers.

How does our process work?


Curriculum Vitae analysis:

Our People team will check your CV adherence to the job position.


First interview:

We will call you for an "alignment" conversation about the job position and your expectations.


Cultural fit:

In this step, you will answer some on-line question to verify your adherence degree to our culture.



One of our Recruiters will contact you for an interview.


Technical interview:

Here you will have a chat with our technical leader and answer some specific questions related to the area.


Welcome to Iteris!🥳

Our benefits

Health and Dental Insurance

Health and Dental Insurance

At Iteris, health comes first. This is so important for us that we provide premium Health and Dental Insurance with services provided by leading hospitals in the country and optional dental insurance and with diverse options.

WHF (Working from Home) Allowance

WHF (Working from Home) Allowance

An adequate workspace is essential for our employees' quality of life and performance. That is why we provide a single-payment allowance for our employees to make their workspace at home more comfortable.



Healthcare and well-being are complemented with Gympass, which provides a pass for a wide network of gyms and on-line classes in various modalities. Employees just need choose a plan that best suits their profile and go workout!

Flexible options

Flexible options

Meal tickets, food or fuel vouchers. How do you want to distribute option in your basket of benefits? That's how Iteris works, you just choose the amount you want for each voucher.

Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing and annual premiums according to goals achieved.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

We do not want anything bad to happen with our employees, but we are cautious and provide all our employees with life insurance in order to minimize impacts and ensuring minimum comfort in unexpected situations.

Career Path

Career Path

Here your career will be closely monitored by your manager, who will help you to walk your path focused on continuous development and growth.

In-Company English

In-Company English

At Iteris, we invest in our employees development with totally free English classes for all levels and at different times.

Grant for Certifications

Grant for Certifications

We encourage our people to continually develop their skills and abilities in order to improve their career and their professional evolution. That's why we pay for their certification exams!



Do you want to improve even more? We support you and pay up to 80% of your graduate or MBA courses.

Communities of Practices

Communities of Practices

Sharing is part of our way of working, and Communities of Practices reinforce this idea as a space for the exchange of knowledge and integration.

Alura Platform

Alura Platform

Free access to the platform with hundreds of technology and business courses so you can continue to improve your skills.

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